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Mathematics Resources

Student Mathematics Learning Progressions. 
Click on the icons below to open links to our school based mathematics learning progressions.

 Stage Development Resources
The following resources provide an example of the intended learning at each stage.    Click on the title below to open the PDF.
Stage 0 - Emergent
Stage 1 - One to one counting
Stage 2 - Counting from one on materials
Stage 3 - Counting from one by imaging
Stage 4 - Advanced Counting
Stage 5 - Early Additive 
Stage 6 - Advanced Additive
Stage 7 - Advanced Multiplicative
Stage 8 - Advanced Proportional

Websites to Support Mathematical Learning

Below are several sites that we have found useful over the years. We recommend you explore some of these sites and help your child find games that suit their needs. Have fun! - NZ based company with maths and literacy games - your child’s teacher needs to register OR set up yourself - NZ goverment site with links to 30 external sites - an excellent site for all stages   - all the maths areas at all the levels - specialising in multiplication - hundereds of games at all levels - intended for adults but still fun  - extensive maths, english and science activities - free with lots of racing and speed games  - make your own worksheets  - excellent site for making fact sheets