Welcome to Te Huruhi School 
Te Huruhi School is a contributing school of years 1 to 6 which opened in 1986. We are proud of our school and of the children from whom we expect high standards of conduct and appearance and their best effort in social, cultural and academic activities. The staff remains committed to excellence in all fields of student learning.

Our school environment is one of the most attractive in New Zealand, bordering on Huruhi Bay with ocean views, a large playground, swimming pool, all-purpose hall with attractive landscaping and plantings. We have an active parents group who run creative school dances and events, support school trips and camps and work closely with school management in supporting and nurturing our children.

We welcome children in Years 1-6.  As our school has no zone, children from any part of Waiheke are eligible to attend.  The school is an integral part of Waiheke’s close-knit community and hosts events in the school hall and offers its swimming pool to the public during the summer.

Vision Statement:
At Te Huruhi we are Confident, Connected and Creative Learners.

"From little things, big things grow."

School Values:       
The Te Huruhi Way is underpinned by five core values – The Five Cs:

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School Redevelopment
4th Quarter 2018
Te Huruhi Primary is being redeveloped in a $23 million project to provide three new
blocks with 22 new teaching spaces, and a new administration area and library and
targeted repairs to the existing school hall. The new buildings will be located on a
different part of the site allowing the school to continue operating during construction
and eliminating the need for temporary classrooms.

Following completion of the new buildings, the old ones will be demolished to make way for new playing fields. The redevelopment will allow the school to accommodate 530 students.

Te Huruhi School - Fact Sheet

The upgrade is being carried out alongside work at Waiheke High School where a new performing arts space will be built and some targeted repairs will be undertaken.

The schools share a 17.3 ha site on the south western side of Waiheke Island, Auckland, overlooking Huruhi Bay. Together, the two projects represent a substantial upgrade for both primary and secondary education on the island.
A preliminary design for both schools has been approved and construction is due
to start in 4th Quarter 2018 with the major redevelopments scheduled for completion
mid 2020.

When new schools are built or existing schools upgraded, this is an opportunity to
invest in Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs).
These ILEs enable teachers and students to work in a modern learning environment. 
Unlike traditional single cell classrooms, where a teacher works with a single class, today’s teachers work more collaboratively with students, either in different sized groups or individually. This requires different sorts of learning spaces and some different teaching skills.

These projects include high standards of lighting, acoustics, and air quality and the
installation of new information technology and furniture.